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Online Series: Mobility in the Time of COVID-19

All sessions are hosted by the UN Network in collaboration with Network members, Member States and/or stakeholders

Date Topic Working Group (WG) and Co-leads Format, Audience and Purpose Documents
7 May Safe and Inclusive Access to Services WG6: WHO, UN Habitat

Format: Listening Sessions (2)

Audience: Country and regional level stakeholders/civil society and UN Networks

Purpose: Draw inputs from stakeholders towards drafting a policy brief. Possible focus areas include access to health services and social protection measures for migrants in COVID-19 policy responses, highlighting vulnerable groups (e.g. undocumented migrants, women, children, migrants with a disability) and best practices by States, cities and stakeholders providing access to services for migrant populations without discrimination.

Reflections (164.17 KB)
20 May  Alternatives to detention WG2: IDC, UNICEF, UNHCR

Format: Listening Sessions (2)

Audience: Civil society and UN Networks

Purpose: Listening session with civil society, to draw out specific country examples in relation to inform the WG policy brief COVID-19: Recommendations and Good Practices –and to open a space to share  country-level and regional concerns and positive practices.

Reflections (195.43 KB)


28 May Future of Human Mobility  IOM ODG

Format: Webinar

Audience: UN system, Member States, stakeholders

Purpose: To dialogue on longer term implications on mobility, on combatting xenophobia and drawing lessons and practices from Member States. 

4th June  Alternatives to Detention WG2: IDC, UNICEF, UNHCR

Format: ‘Migration Coffee’ informal Zoom gathering

Audience: Member States, Network

Purpose: To gain insight into the activities of this thematic Working Group with a particular focus on the recent Policy Brief "COVID-19 & Immigration Detention: What Can Governments and Other Stakeholders Do?"  

9th June Regular pathways

WG3: OHCHR, Act Alliance, Asia-Pacific Refugee Rights Network

Format: Listening Sessions (2)

Audience: Country and regional level stakeholders/civil society and UN Networks

Purpose: Draw inputs from stakeholders towards drafting a policy brief. Possible topics include: a) admission and stay policies in the context of COVID-19 migration responses, highlighting examples of best practice; b) heightened risks of discriminatory practices across migration pathways for migrants in vulnerable situations in the context of COVID-19, highlighting mitigation measures

11th June Gender-specific Implications of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Migrants  Women in Migration Network, UN Women

Format: Listening Sessions (2)

Audience: TBD

Purpose: TBD

16th June Remittances  With IFAD

Format: Webinar or High-level event

Audience: TBD

Purpose: To disseminate policy brief

18th June Gender-perspectives on COVID-19 impacts and practices UN Women, Women in Migration Network

Format: Webinar 

Audience: Member States

Purpose: Dialogue with Member States and stakeholders on country-level good practices and recommendations for migrant women in relation to UN Women policy briefs ‘Addressing the Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Women Migrant Workers’ and ‘The Impact of COVID-19 on Women’ 

25th June Returns and reintegration WG5: IOM, OHCHR, UNICEF

Format: TBD

Audience: TBD (Policymakers and stakeholders?)

Purpose: Bring attention to an acute issue and increase understanding and awareness about how deportations on COVID-related grounds are playing out in different key migration corridors, providing an opportunity to share these insights with policymakers and stakeholders. Possibly focus on key corridors (e.g. Latin America, Gulf States)

2nd July Agricultural Workers


Format: TBD

Audience: TBD

Purpose: TBD

July 9th   COVID-19 and human trafficking  UNODC, ICAT

Format: Listening Session

Audience: TBD

Purpose: Requested by UNODC as ICAT coordinator

TBD Alternatives to Detention WG2: IDC, UNICEF, UNHCR

Format: Webinar

Audience: Member States, stakeholders, Network 

Purpose: Webinar with Member States to get direct (or indirect through the Geneva missions) feedback on the WG policy brief providing practical guidance to Member States on protecting migrants in the context of immigration detention and COVID-19 and to showcase and open a space for government implementers to elaborate on country examples from the policy brief.

TBD Migrant Children and Youth: Impacts and Practices UNICEF, Major Group on Children and Youth, Child Rights Initiative Format: TBD  
TBD Latin America: Regional impacts and practices  Bloque Latinoamericao

Format: Listening Session in Spanish and English, with simultaneous interpretation 

Audience: Latin American civil society, stakeholders and UN regional and country Networks

Purpose: Provide greater language accessibility to local CSOs and networks and draw regional dimensions of COVID-19 implications on human mobility

Pipeline (full details tbc)
  Civil Society Mapping Reports   Mixed Migration Center, others Webinar  
  TBD CERAH, Geneva Graduate Institute  Published commentary on COVID-19 and the GCM   
  TBD Zolberg Institute, New School